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Domestic Medium Hair
Black and White
1 year 5 months.
We're just wild about Harry! And speaking of wild, Harry is wildly affectionate and wildly active! This medium-hair young adult just out of his teens is described by his recent fosterer as "the snuggliest and most energetic cat I've even met." He's outgoing and extremely social, greeting guests at the door and seeking any willing lap for a quick snuggle. He has to be where the action is and has a few mischievous tricks up his sleeve to get your attention (like stealing food)! Often! Harry's high energy and exuberance at times result in overly-excited rough play with his human, so it's especially important that he have a young feline friend who is equally rambunctious and eager to enjoy a rough game of chase and wrestle. Harry has very mild Cerebellar Hyperplasia (CH), a disorder incurred in utero from a pregnant mom and which can cause uncoordinated motions or tremors. CH is not a disease, does not require any special care, is not contagious, and is non-progressive (meaning, it doesn't worsen with age), it's just something that affects the cat's mobility or coordination to varying degrees. In Harry's case, it's the mildest form, in that he has a slight head tremor and might take an uncoordinated step on occasion. But this is one very agile cat, whose "disorder" is not only barely perceptible but also doesn't limit this little tornado of a cat in the slightest!! He's a real charmer with a dash of bad boy! Harry is FIV and FeLV negative, neutered, and up-to-date on shots.