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Mohawk: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
Grey and White
5 years 1 month.
Mohawk, an attractive long-haired cat, was well-known to the people who lived near his colony. He lived there as a neighborhood cat for at least 3 years. He seemed to be a solitary fellow; he wasn’t often seen with other cats. Feeders say he was abandoned by his human family some years back. He was fed regularly in his colony and was neutered some time ago, but a combination of dental disease and this summer's heatwave had taken a toll on him. In July 2022, rescuers got him to a vet to have his overgrownnand matted fur removed as well as have some teeth removed to help combat his dental disease. He was declining rapidly on the street but seems to be feeling much better. His rescuers can tell he likes being pet but he is a little scared. He lived for a long time without being pet, so he needs time to re-adjust. He needs a patient, experienced owner or foster-to-adopt to work with him. Email [email protected] to apply