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Domestic Short Hair
Tabby and White
4 years 0 months.
Julie showed up at her rescuer's home, dirty and tired. Her kind rescuer took her in, got her spayed, and now she's ready to be adopted! From her rescuer: Julie is shy but lets you pet her and cuddle her when she is in one of her “safe” places like one of the three cat beds she likes to stay in. She loves neck scratches and head scratches and kisses. She does not run away when we approach her to pet her. She is beginning to come out more when I am around though she is somewhat skittish still. She stiffens when try to pick her up. She comes out at night mostly when I am sleeping and plays with her toys. When I feed her, she is cautious, she sometimes eats when I am visible, sometimes not. She loves temptations chicken flavored. A verbal conversation about her would be best. All I can say is that she is shy, needs someone with lots of patience and a calm atmosphere where she can relax. She is very pretty and cleans herself a lot. There is hope for her to become more affectionate based on how far she has come already. She definitely needs someone with more time than we have to give. Julie enjoys the company of other cats, and would be a great cat pal to your resident cat! Are you that patient person who can give Julie a quiet home to decompress and trust again? We hope so! Please email us at [email protected]