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Jayden (FKA Peaches)
Domestic Medium Hair
2 years 6 months.
Jayden is a handsome, wonderful young boy who would be a perfect companion for someone looking for a single cat and understands that the love he is eager to confer might wait a week or so until he feels settled and secure in his new home with his new humans. According to his fosterers, who have helped this boy overcome his initial fear of humans--a product of a rough beginning on the street--Jayden is an amazing cat! He will bond deeply with his human(s). As his fosterers report: When we sit on the couch, he immediately jumps up and lays down with some part of his body touching us. He will come when we call him and always wants to play. He LOVES to be pet and will insist on it. So thrilled is he to discover that humans have so much to offer that his fosterers at times need to hide their hands because he's in a mood for attention! Yet, he is also respectful of some important boundaries: When his person is working, Jayden can be chill, and he does not channel energy into negative behaviors. He does not scratch the furniture, use claws on us, or show any aggression at all. Rather, this playful boy can release his energy by entertaining himself with toys; he never met a toy that wasn't fun! He’s a real character, too; his cute little quirks are totally hilarious to watch! He is blossoming into a real lap cat and accepts being picked up, even allowing his nails to be trimmed! This young and stunning boy is best as a single cat, with a human or two ready to provide him the companionship he loves. Jayden is in foster. Please email [email protected] to apply.