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Augustus Lunamoon
Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
1 year 1 month.
Augustus is a total lap cat. He really doesn't like being picked up or held, but he is very affectionate on his terms. He will jump into your lap, always sit with you on the couch, and sleep in bed with you. He loves having his head, chin, and cheeks pet. You can sometimes pet his body, but he gets overstimulated from it quickly. He is receptive to being kissed on the face/head and he will rub up against you. He is generally pretty quiet and doesn't really meow. He does make some sighs/grumbles/whines that are pretty cute. He is quick to start purring when you pet him. He enjoys drinking from the faucet at the bathroom sink, always close by to you, napping on the couch, and some light play time with the cat dancer or toy mice or balls. Augustus wags his tail almost constantly. He isn't a picky eater and he doesn't usually finish a meal in one sitting--he is a grazer. If we pick him up, he usually cries out in discomfort and squirms. But if we are transporting him a short distance to our lap or the couch, he will recover quickly. Augustus is super sweet and just wants to hang out around you all the time without coming across as too needy. He is fine at home alone if you are out for the day. Augie Moon is FIV and FeLV negative, neutered, and up-to-date on shots. Email [email protected] to apply!