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Domestic Short Hair
1 year 0 months.
BabyCakes is a beautiful, petite black panterette. She has a small patch of white fur on her chest and a little on her underside. Her coat is velvety black yet you can see faint tiger stripes when she is in the sun. She has amber eyes that communicate with you. She is very friendly and solicits attention. She loves being petted and will rub against my legs, tail straight up. She absolutely loves to play! Her favorite game is with a stick (rod) toy with a feather, shiny or fluffy attachment on the end of the string. She stalks and pounces but loves to jump up to catch it and does flips! Since she is petite she throws herself up and flips over to catch the toy. She chases it and climbs on her scratching post to secure her “prey”.  She plays with regular toys too. BabyCakes gets along well with her sisters and greets and rubs up to them too. When she sees my outside cats by the slider door she calls out - a sweet little squeaky meowing until they greet her through the window. She is curious and smart and will figure out ways to get at a toy. Any fear is defeated by her curiosity. She is the first one out to try a new toy or scratching post. She investigates everything. In two days she has become comfortable with my friend who went in to meet them. He can pet her and she loves her playtime jumping and flipping. She absolutely LOVES Temptation Chicken treats and flirts until you fill the treat bowl. She will eat some Fancy Feast pate and Friskies dry food but waits for her Temptations. We think Babycakes would be best with a resident cat who she can play with. She'll be coming to Petco Saturday May 1!