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Pi: Courtesy Post
Domestic Short Hair
13 years 1 month.
Pi, a suave black cat with stunning golden eyes, experienced some of his 9-lives on the street, then “adopted” a caring pair of humans to welcome him into their lives for many years. Sadly, they both died and now this handsome feline desperately needs a new, forever home! For now, this sweet, mature 13 year old has welcomed an indoor life and foster care. Highly adaptable, he’d be fine in a home as a solo cat or amicable to a cat or dog animal companion. Pi is friendly and affectionate, with a wonderful temperament. He’ll sit on your lap or by your side and happily meow to you but he is not at all needy and is content just to be loved. He is one Chill, Cool Cat!! Thoroughly vetted (being treated for hyperthyroidism with excellent results), Pi is ready to find that special person willing to give this great cat the loving, caring home he eagerly awaits and deserves with gratitude