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Domestic Short Hair
5 years 0 months.
First off, Smokey is a terrible name for me. I'm a beautiful ,regal lady and deserve a name that befits me. I'll accept Madame Smokette if you must keep the smoke. Lauren Bacall would also be fine, as would Lady Yellerton. Macy Gray would be wonderful too. Now that we got that out of the way, I can tell you that life has not been a proverbial bed of lettuce for me. Let's just say I'm done with having kittens and leave it at that. My wonderful vet has taken me in and now I'm on my way to leading the life of luxury we all deserve. Maybe you too are not currently living your best life. That's OK! We can work on this together. Having me in your life is an auto-upgrade. Imagine us being friends! Sitting together reading or watching a movie, laughing at the comments your friends leave on your insta when you post my pic (ex: I WOULD LITERALLY DIE FOR THIS CAT). But maybe your life is perfect already! Maybe you don't need an upgrade! That's OK too. I'm still a great companion :) I do get along with other cats, but at this time I think I might prefer to be the only furry friend in your home. I'm very smart and passed all my tests (FIV and FeLV, and MCAT), and I'm spayed and up-to-date on shots. I'm living with my benefactor right now. Come into Petco during adoption hours and talk to an adoption volunteer about meeting me!