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Redd Foxx
Domestic Short Hair
Ginger and White
2 years 0 months.
Redd Foxx, besides being an amazing comedian, is also an exceptional cat! Discovered on the popular Jersey City colony circuit, Foxx had a rapidly growing rabid fan base that enjoyed his over-the-top routines on local dogs, squirrels, and possums ("Face it, they're just giant rats!") But seriously, Redd is an amazing cat who had clearly lived indoors when he was rescued by his colony caretaker. Affectionate and gentle, Redd loves everyone, even dogs! He enjoys attention and likes to be where you are, just in case you need to hear some deep purring or a silly joke. Redd is FIV positive. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is an auntoimmune disease in cats that leaves cats sensitive to opportunistic infections. Cats with FIV do't require any special medication, but it's important to keep up with yearly vet visits. Most indoor FIV positive cats live a normal lifespan. FIV is only transmitted to other cats through deep bites or from the mother at birth, and it's species-specific, meaning dogs and people are not at risk. Redd is FeLV negative, neutered, and up-to-date on shots. Come meet him at Petco Union Square!