Visit our adoption center at Petco, Union Square, 860 Broadway New York, NY 10003

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Without fostering, there can be no rescue. Every year, KittyKind saves the lives of over 600 cats, and we commit to caring for each cat until a wonderful forever home can be found. The path from rescue to adoption cannot be travelled without foster homes along the way. Fosterers offer sanctuary to cats awaiting a place at our adoption center, socialize cats who need to overcome their mistrust of humans, bottle-feed motherless kittens who would not otherwise survive, provide a caring environment for cats recovering from surgery or illness, or assess a cat’s personality so that the right match can be made with an adopter. The joys and rewards of fostering, to the fosterer and to the cat, are tremendous.

If you have considered adopting a cat, but cannot do so due to travel, budget, or otherwise, or if you simply want to open your heart and home to a cat in need, then fostering is a great option. You can foster short- or long-term and choose a foster arrangement that suits your circumstances, preferences, and schedule. During the fostering, you will be in regular contact with the Foster Care Coordinator, with all the resources of KittyKind available to assist you. KittyKind bears all medical and vet care while the cat is in foster care, but fosterers generally assume the cost of food, litter, and toys unless other arrangements are made. There is one inherent danger in fostering: You might just fall in love!

If you are interested in fostering or would like more information, please email