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Domestic Short Hair
White and Grey
7 months.
Rescued from a high kill shelter in August 2016 when he was just 3 days old, Lenny was a fighter. He had been in and out of the vet because he had a severe upper respiratory infection and severe parasite infection. His RI wasn’t getting better, and after seeing a few specialists they found he was born with a structural abnormality in his nasal passage which is similar to a deviated septum. Lenny is kept comfortable with a vaporizer and humidifier, or the air conditioning when the weather is warm. Twice a day he gets saline solution to flush his nasal passages and she lets him breath in the vicks sometimes which he loves. He gets warm compresses on his nose when its really stuffy and his eyes will run sometimes due to the build up but its all something that can be cleaned. He is very easy to medicate and it takes about 10 minutes twice a day. He is a very playful, feisty, brave kitty, curious and happy. He needs soft food because he has difficulty swallowing hard kibbles. Lenny is curious, loves to play, and also loves to eat! He’s a sweet, loving, gentle, joyful guy Would rather run around exploring and playing and come in for a cuddle every now and then. He comes for a hug and then is done and off playing again. He loves Aggie and would be happy with any cat to play. So he is neutered- up to date on vaccines and FIV/FeLV negative.