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Domestic Short Hair
White and Black
4 years 2 months.
Mortie was rescued outside of an apartment in the Bronx where he was part of a large colony. But Mortie is smart and decided he wants to be an indoor cat! A goofy three year old boy, Mortie likes playing, sleeping and especially eating. He gets along well with people and even guinea pigs. He is currently recovering from his time outside and loving life. But while things are looking up for Mortie, he has tested positive for the FeLV virus. FeLV stands for Feline Leukemia Virus. This means it's possible that Mortie could have a shortened life span, but otherwise he's a normal cat. The virus is transmittable to other cats so he should only be in the company of other FeLV+ cats. But the virus only affects cats, so Mortie can live in the company of dogs or any other kind of animal. Right now Mortie needs a loving home and human of his own. Or, if you already have a FeLV positive cat or kitten, Mortie would be a great companion. Please give this sweet boy a chance to find his forever home!